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Comparing Coliving Companies: Roomrs vs. the Competition

Comparing Coliving Companies: Roomrs vs. the Competition

July 10, 2024 | By Zack Schoem


As inflation continues to drive up rental rates throughout New York, exploring coliving as a renter can help you find affordable alternatives.


In addition to understanding how this option works, you’ll want to learn about the available platforms. The following overview can help you choose the coliving company that best matches your needs.


If you’re looking for the best coliving companies in NYC, Roomrs is at the top of the stack. On Roomrs, rental rates are low to moderate, ranging from $1,200 to $3,000 per month. The average rate for apartments is $1,700.


You can expect a “move-in ready” experience, as we provide everything you need.


All of our properties come with comfortable furnishings, kitchen utensils, appliances, and smart technology. There are laundry machines in most units, and all units feature smart locks and keyless entry systems. Additionally, each renter gets a private, furnished bedroom.

Qualifying for a Roomrs Rental

Each applicant must go through a vetting process, which includes a credit and background check, to qualify for a three-month minimum stay. Once the application fee has been paid, the approval process takes as little as 24 hours. An additional enrollment fee lets renters transfer to a different rental when their lease expires.

Outpost Club

With Outpost Club, rent starts toward the lower end of the range at $930 and can climb to $1,850. When calculating your specific rate, variables include your length of stay, location, room type, and availability. Your rate includes the cost of utilities, Nest security systems, Wi-Fi access, and bi-weekly housekeeping services.


The coliving expectations for new renters will vary based on the apartment. Some rentals are more minimal for those on a tight budget, but you can also find more luxurious options.

Qualifying for an Outpost Club Rental

The Outpost Club vetting process is fairly straightforward: the company only asks you to complete an application and provide documents to verify your identity. The approval process takes one to two business days.


Think of SharedEasy as a high-end hostel, complete with uniquely New York murals adorning the walls. Their lowest rental rate is $1,300 for a private room, though you can request a shared room for as little as $500.


You’ll enjoy the basic advantages of coliving with SharedEasy, including a fully furnished apartment, free Wi-Fi, utilities, and Roku. While shared rooms offer limited space, private rooms have writing desks and lamps in addition to a twin-size bed.



Qualifying for a SharedEasy Rental

With SharedEasy, the required length of stay is 30 days. Since the company doesn’t have a maximum stay length, you can continue renewing at the end of each month. 


SharedEasy doesn’t require proof of income and won’t check your credit score. However, the application process involves an interview that you can complete online or in person. Approval depends on a full background check.


You’ll find a clean, minimalistic environment with a neutral color scheme in any Common apartment. Rates start at $875 and increase based on location, unit size, amenities, and other factors. The rent includes the cost of utilities, cable, Wi-Fi, kitchen utensils, and miscellaneous supplies. Weekly housekeeping is also provided for common areas.


One of the things that makes Common one of the best coliving companies in NYC is the amount of open space it makes available. Every rental has a patio, rooftop lounge, or co-working space.

Qualifying for a Common Rental

The online application process includes background checks and verifying financial data. The final step is an interview, which you can complete during a brief phone call.


Cohabs offers rentals ranging from $1,300 to $1,550 per month. The rent includes the cost of utilities, cable, Wi-Fi, supplies, and weekly housekeeping. The company also provides a complimentary breakfast once a month.


The furnishings in private bedrooms include queen-size memory foam mattresses, desks, bamboo table lamps, and a nightstand. Large common areas and murals designed by local artists make these rentals feel more like boutique hotels and less like traditional apartments.


As a bonus, the locking closet in each bedroom comes with a safe, making this one of the best coliving companies in NYC for personal security.

Qualifying for a Cohabs Rental

Applying for a Cohabs rental will require you to submit to a phone interview and background check, after which you can take an in-person tour. Once approved, you can request an interview with the current renters in the unit to introduce yourself.

Find Safe and Luxurious Coliving Spaces in NYC

Roomrs has properties throughout New York City to help renters find beautiful apartments quickly. Our quick and easy application process underscores the convenience we offer busy renters in the area.


If you’re ready to move for school, work, or a more exhilarating social life, start by browsing our apartments in New York.

Zack Schoem

Zack Schoem, Member Success Specialist

Zack Schoem is a seasoned sales professional with expertise in residential real estate, tech, and business strategy consultancy, particularly focused on startups. Currently, Zack serves at Roomrs, a NYC-based co-living community that redefines the traditional rental experience by offering flexible, fully furnished living spaces with all-inclusive amenities. Through his strategic work at Roomrs, Zack is dedicated to elevating the client experience by streamlining intricate processes and delivering superior solutions. Zack's extensive experience in the NYC and tri-state area real estate market has equipped him with a deep understanding of the region's dynamics and client needs. His commitment to excellence and innovation in sales and business strategy ensures that every client experiences unparalleled service and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in highly satisfied clients and stakeholders.

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