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What you should know about co-living

December 16, 2022 | By Roomrs


It’s no secret why the majority of your Netflix watch list takes place in the world’s biggest powerhouse, New York City. 


Be it the ample opportunity, a soul-searching journey, or the impressive roster of internationally recognized schools, New York ignites a creative and lasting impression on all people who call it home. 


However, it’s also widely recognized as one of the most expensive cities in the world; newcomers quickly discover that rent and other basic living expenses are rather high.


An affordable and accessible solution, co-living offers youngsters and newcomers to New York a perfect method for entering the next phase of their lives without breaking the bank.




So, what Is Co-Living?

To be distinguished from college dorming, co-living is the act of sharing an apartment with other community members where each roommate gets their own room, and the respective expenses are divided appropriately.


Beginning to sound like the standard roommate lifestyle?


What makes co-living in New York different is that companies like Roomrs furnish apartments and lease out individual rooms, provide wifi access and utilities, and offer weekly cleaning at one set price. 


Adopting similar practices to ridesharing apps such as Uber, co-living enables New York newcomers to sign short-term leases that connect hundreds of neighborhoods until you’re ready to settle down for a longer lease. 


Co-living with Roomrs also takes out costly factors such as buying furniture and hiring movers, which goes a long way to minimizing the drastic process of moving to a new city.

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur, a creative, a student, or an explorer, co-living can bring home the magic in beginning your journey in New York City.

Making friends with community members

Finding your crowd in a crowded city can make or break your experience. Co-living often centers around the company you’re signing up with, but you’re far from their only client. 


Good co-living companies vet and match community members, or your future roommates, based on preferences and lifestyles.


Instead of going through the gauntlet of Craigslist ads for roommates, companies like Roomrs understand the necessity of splitting an apartment beyond the financially feasible, and focus on making sure you get along terrifically with your roommates. 


Making new friends in the city that never sleeps doesn’t have to be chance encounters at the Death & Company bar in Lower Manhattan (or bar-hopping to the fifteen other bars around the corner, we’re not judging). 


As the newcomers to New York are often vastly diverse and looking to connect, co-living companies at times organize community meet-and-greets, kickbacks, networking events, karaoke nights, and other activities that help first timers make the new faces into the familiar. 


Thinking of finding roommates on your own? Check out our guide on how to find a roommate.



The diverse variety of neighborhoods

Contrary to your Netflix watch list, New York is a lot bigger than Wall Street and Broadway, but those aren’t bad places to start. 


If you’re seeking to be at the heart of the action, Manhattan is your best bet. An island featuring Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown, Manhattan is filled with a wide range of lively attractions, including bars, lounges, cafes, museums, shops, libraries and the iconic Central Park, yet the difference between blocks can mean an entirely different world. 


Manhattan also forms the bulk of the business world in NYC, and offers a conveniently efficient transportation system for getting around in a zip. If you’ve been to New York, you’re most-likely familiar with the wide use of Ubers, buses and the all-time popular subway system that reaches the farthest corners of the city. 


Nevertheless, just across the river is the rustic suburban counterpart, Brooklyn. Home to the quieter, yet no less exciting neighborhoods such as Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick, Brooklyn attracts students and creatives alike for the thousand-and-one activities unique to the neighboring home for the Brooklyn Nets, for those who prefer not to be at center-action.


There’s apartments open for co-living all over NYC, take advantage of the short term leases to find the one that speaks to you.

As is location, roommates are key

Many people have that one story about living with a roommate who they didn’t get along with.


Whether it’s because they neglected to clean after themselves, skimped out on contributing to the apartment, or because they never transferred rent on time, making sure to find well-fitting roommates in moving to the big apple is an important part of embarking on the journey.


Co-living now takes a step forward in phasing these experiences out; the best companies strive to match you with compatible roommates based on standards and preferences, ensuring the greatest likelihood of maximizing your experience in the legendary city.


Furthermore, Roomrs makes it possible to cover your individual rent cost separately from that of your roommates, giving you the ability to stop worrying about others keeping up financially.



Co-living with Roomrs

Roomrs is the premiere co-living company in NYC, it’s our mission to transition you from newcomer to native as seamlessly as possible. 


Our fully furnished apartments take away any worries about making sure you have a mattress to sleep on and a kitchen to cook with as soon as you make it your home.  


All of our apartments include rent, utilities, wifi, and cleaning as a single bill at the end of the month, easing you into your NYC journey hassle-free. 


We’re proud to offer co-living spaces with flexible leases all over New York. 


Interested in taking your next step in walking into your future apartment in New York? Learn more about Co Living in NYC  


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