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Is Living in Manhattan Safe? A Comprehensive Guide

Is Living in Manhattan Safe? A Comprehensive Guide

July 10, 2024 | By Roomrs


Life in Manhattan comes with unique benefits. You’ll have the opportunity to live a life that’s as thrilling and entertaining as you choose. However, it’s important to know the safety risks that go along with this active lifestyle. 


Crime is a significant concern for many Manhattan residents, but detailed information about crime in the borough can help you stay safer. 

Is Living in Manhattan Safe? Know Your Risks

When choosing a NYC apartment, you’ll consider a variety of factors — but few features will be as important as the safety of your neighborhood. A little research into the frequency of crime in your Manhattan community will give you the knowledge you need to practice better personal safety. 


The level of safety in Manhattan will depend on your location. When you live, work, or visit areas with a high number of tourists, you can trust that there will be stronger security measures. These areas have a more visible police presence, business owners take stricter measures to protect their customers, and residents work together to deter crime. 


But even in areas popular with tourists, it’s important to stay alert. Common criminal activity in busier Manhattan areas includes pickpocket theft and other forms of petty crime. Avoid unpopulated alleys and dark streets, and be especially careful while traveling alone.


In areas that are more isolated and don’t attract tourists, security will be a little more lax. When visiting these Manhattan neighborhoods, take stronger safety precautions. Avoid parking on dark streets or in lots that lack sufficient lighting. Never walk alone. Make sure others know your itinerary.

Manhattan Is Safer Today

Lower Manhattan, starting with 14th Street, is generally considered to be a safe area where crimes are infrequent. This area includes the densely populated streets of the Financial District. Even at night, the prevalence of bars and other evening venues keep the streets well-lit and busy with social activity. 


Crime rates are higher in Upper Manhattan, but that’s changing. As the area attracts more real estate investors and high-profile residents, community leaders have focused on keeping the streets safe. 


Even though rental rates and housing costs are increasing in Upper Manhattan, the improved safety makes the higher living cost a worthwhile trade-off for many residents. 

The Safest Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Is living in Manhattan safe? In Manhattan as a whole, overall crime rates are significantly lower than the national average. However, violent crime is somewhat higher, and some parts of Manhattan are safer than others. When looking at individual Manhattan neighborhoods, you’ll find that there are very safe places to live and work.


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Battery Park City

Situated within view of the Hudson River, this lower Manhattan community is visually stunning, safe, and luxurious. High-rise luxury apartment buildings overlook lush parks, popular restaurants, and brilliant skyline views. 


Overall, the Battery Park City crime rate is 38% lower than the national average. Additionally, violent crime is 56% lower and property crime is 35% lower.

Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square is primarily a serene residential community. The area serves as the home of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Around the neighborhood, cafes, restaurants, and shops provide plenty of opportunities for socializing. 


The Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center works toward keeping the community safe. The most recent crime statistics show a rate of 0.99 crimes for every 1,000 residents.


This Manhattan neighborhood has earned a national reputation for its art scene. It also offers a population that’s diverse and welcoming. While following NYC safety tips for women is still recommended, the neighborhood’s thriving nightlife keeps crime low. 


There are 11.40 crimes per 1,000 Chelsea residents, and the community is 93% safer when compared to the average American city.

Lenox Hill

This Upper East Side neighborhood has a rich history as one of New York’s earliest communities. Lenox Hill Hospital is among the city’s first hospitals. In addition to its historical presence, Lenox Hill offers high-rise luxury apartments and high-end shopping. 


The neighborhood reports only 286 violent crimes per 100,000 residents; the national average is 463 per 100,000. The low crime rate contributes to the high walkability of Lenox Hill. In addition, residential streets are close to grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and parks.

Discover Secure and Comfortable Living

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