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Everything you must know before choosing an apartment in NYC

December 16, 2022 | By Roomrs


How to choose the right apartment is a common question for everyone everywhere.


So right before deciding where to live in NYC, remember that there are other questions you need to ask yourself before picking the right apartment.


Let’s jump right into it, here’s everything you need to know before signing the lease and settling in your next apartment:

Price is a thing

But not everything, we placed it first because it’s the top thing most people think about, tho apartment price is always correlated with what you get. One place can look good but can be considered pricey and at the same cost a different apartment could be the perfect fit. So remember to look at the price last. After you have all the information and checked all angles, only then think of the price that matches what you get.


It’s obvious we all have a budget, so after knowing what you love try to think about what aspect you prefer compromising on. Eventually, the price should suit you, but the apartment needs to be satisfying as well. Here, you will read about the most important things to consider before choosing an apartment, but keep in mind that settling for things less important to you is sometimes the key.

Location, location, location

Going out of the apartment is sometimes as important as living in it. The apartment and building itself should be also considered for the location part because. How the interaction between you and the other roommates would be? Is there just one bathroom for everyone or more? Will you need to communicate with them daily? Those questions need to be answered before even looking inside the room you might rent.


For the street, neighborhood, and general area it truly depends on the kind of person you are; some people love walking out, others enjoy the occasional drink at a local bar close by, and there are those who want the efficiency of a supermarket and a grocery store right by their place. Take into consideration what you would like to have and look for it when you come to look at the place. Remember that even if an area is considered less popular it might suit your specific needs.


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Size matters

A big or small apartment is not a phrase you should use. Rather fit and don’t fit your needs is the right way to look at a place. Are you a person that enjoys staying in or is your bedroom just for sleeping and nothing else? Some places might look small but if you consider what you need, it might be the perfect place. Don’t forget that some places have a built-in closet, which reduces the need for another closet, and actually makes the room feel much bigger

Size speaks about one more aspect like the door and window, for example. For some apartments, the size is standard but for others (basement and split rooms for example) it varies. keep in mind that the airflow of the room is affected by both the window and the door. Look for an under-window room to an AC for example, it will help keep your window free and allow fresh air to flow in whenever you want.

Heat & Hot

Any landlord in NYC is obligated to give free heating and hot water, but some might give a little more to draw-in good tenants (like you). Ask about the electricity, the internet, cable, and about the doorman and Maintenance. A good grasp of what other perks the lease includes might give the push you need in order to decide about any apartment.

A loophole landlords might use to save money is heat based on electricity (and not gas), that way you might pay for it. Make sure you have all the information, not only about the facilities, but also about how they work and who exactly pays and benefits from them. These legitimate questions might completely change an apartment appeal.


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How long?

Keep in mind that choosing the right apartment also means knowing for how long you will stay there, some places fit better for a short stay while others are more suitable for longer. Anyways, a place that fits all your needs and preferences but also allows short-term contracts should be the best option. Life is full of surprises, and you can never know what the future brings, so don't tie yourself to a place for too long in advance. keep your options open.

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