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8 thing to consider during your apartment search

December 15, 2022 | By Roomrs


Apartment hunting can be both an overwhelming and frustrating ordeal. If you’re in the beginning stages of the process, here are some important things you might want to consider.


Above all, the most important aspect of apartment hunting, is narrowing down what price is within your budget. By determining how much you want to spend on rent, you can limit your search results on real estate platforms like StreetEasy. If you’re using a Realtor, they should make an effort to only show you apartments within your price range. That way, you don’t get caught up fantasizing about a place you cant afford.

The worst heartbreak is finding a place you love and realizing later thats it’s way more than you budgeted for.

Proximity to your workplace

I know, many of us have gotten used to working from home. But the reality is, more and more workplaces are beginning to operate at full capacity. If you are required in the office full time, or even several times a week, you’re not going to want to live too far from work. Finding an apartment near your job should definitely be on your “non-negotiable” checklist.


If you are a student, apply the same logic. In the instance that your schedule calls for you to be in class several days a week, your commute shouldn’t exceed an hour. Of course, 20-30 minutes is ideal, but not always the most realistic.


In New York City, considering public transportation is crucial. Ask yourself, “how far is the closest train to this apartment”?
“Are there buses that can get me to my destination”?
“How far do I need to walk to work (or school) after getting off the train”?
“Am I required to transfer to a main line to get where I need to go”?


Deliberate on all these factors beforehand, so that you don’t seriously inconvenience yourself later. Public transportation is how we move around, so if transportation options in the area are limited , it makes daily life more difficult.




Every apartment comes with a different set of amenities. Some include central air and heat, in unit washer and dryer, a dishwasher, all or some utilities included, outdoor space etc. Luxury rentals often have building amenities as well. Some of which can include a fitness centre, rooftop deck, storage room, children’s playroom, bike racks, lobby/doorman, conference rooms, and more.


Think about what amenities are at the top of your list, and do your best in finding a place that has most, if not all of them.

Pet Policy

For most of us, our pets are part of the family. A pet owner would never entertain the idea of leaving their furry friend behind in a move.


When looking to move into a new place, ask about their pet policy. You can likely find this information online or as part of the lease agreement. While some apartments allow all pets, others may only allow cats or specific breeds of dogs, and some have a no pet policy. Make sure you inquire about what each apartment’s specific policy is, and if any additional costs come with moving in a pet. You may have to pay a pet deposit or some form of pet rent.

If you are currently a pet owner, or are thinking about becoming a pet owner in the near future, it is necessary to seek out this information.


Do you plan on living with roommates? Living with roommates has its perks, as far as making overall rent cheaper and having built in companionship. Nonetheless, if you do decide to take the roommate route, make sure you get to know the people you plan on moving in with. Discuss house rules like cleaning, chores, bedtime schedules, etc., to find out if you’re a good fit. Signing a lease and finding out later that your roommate likes to stay up till 2am playing loud music, when you get up at 6am to go running, could cause serious issues down the line.



The neighborhood

Location, Location, Location


Have you ever found an apartment you love, but not gone through with signing the lease because you weren’t keen on the area? Before finalizing your move, get a sense of the general community. Walk around the area and asses how you might feel living there.

You also have to keep in mind things like safety. It’s easy enough to look up your neighborhoods crime and safety reports online.


More so, what would you like to see in your neighborhood? Are you interested in the school system? Do you like to frequent coffee shops? Does your unit not have a washer and dryer and you need access to a laundromat close by? Would you like a dog park for your pets to play?


Figure out what important aspects you’d like to see within you new neighborhood before making a commitment.


Each person has unique credentials when It comes to apartment size. Do you value a larger living room or is bedroom space more important? Maybe you have a large dog and need the extra room. Whatever your individual situation, have your desired apartment size in mind. This way, when conducting your apartment search, you know what to cross off the list immediately. You can also vocalize this to your realtor, so they don’t waste your time showing you places that don’t fit your requirements.


Also consider the number of bathrooms per roommate and available closet space. There are currently apartments on the market with no closets.


Yes, no closets.


Keep all this in mind during your apartment viewing.

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