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Why you should get to know your neighbors

December 14, 2022 | By Roomrs


Living in New York, it’s easy to become disconnected from one another. Everyone is so busy dealing with their own lives, they sometimes forget to interact with the people around them. Since the world has gone through a pandemic, and social distancing was enforced, it has become even more difficult.


This lack of socialization does not exclude neighbors. Experts have listed some of the reasons for lack of connection with our neighbors as being less stay-at-home parents, the use of social media, and lack of involvement in community organizations and outreach. With that being said, there are a lot of benefits to getting to know your neighbors.

1. They can collect your packages

Instead of having your package left on your doorstep, you can ask your neighbor to collect it for you. If you get a notification that you will be expecting a package delivery and are not home, that package will be left in front of your door. Packages left unattended are more likely to get stolen. Instead of risking it, you can text your neighbor and ask them to keep it for you until you return home.

2. They can provide you with missing ingredients

Ever started making a meal only to realize you’re missing one simple ingredient? Maybe it's some syrup for your pancakes or a recipe that called for 2 eggs when you only have one. Either way, if you’re in need of a simple ingredient, you can just ask your neighbor! If you’ve been mindful in getting to know them, they should have no issue fulfilling your request. Besides, your only alternative would be to walk all the way to the store, just to get one ingredient to finish making your breakfast.



3. They can make recommendations

Let’s say you just moved into the neighborhood and are not familiar with where things are yet. It’s almost guaranteed that a few of your neighbors have lived there for many years, and can help make great recommendations. This includes but is not limited to, the best place to grocery shop, do your laundry, get a cup of coffee, grab dinner, get your pet groomed, and so much more! It saves you time having to figure out these things for yourself, and possibly avoid some places that aren’t so great.

4. They can help you bring positive change to the community

Getting involved in community organizations is a great way to make positive changes within your neighborhood. Maybe you want to build a community garden nearby or change an abandoned lot into a park. Whatever your plan to improve the community, you will need supporters by your side. Getting to know your neighbors and having them all campaign for your cause, improves the chances that something will actually get done.

5. It reduces the chances of disputes turning ugly

If you have worked towards building a relationship with your neighbors, it reduces the chances of disputes turning ugly. Let’s say you are hosting a party for your friend's birthday. To be polite, and continue fostering your neighborly relationship, you text them to let them know beforehand. At 12 am the party begins to get a little rowdy. Instead of getting upset and frustrated, they text you asking to turn the music down. You comply and have avoided the dispute going any further.


On the other hand, if your neighbors were strangers and had no way of contacting you, they could possibly file a noise complaint or call the cops to get the party shut down. That's just one example, but it could apply to any disputes, big or small.



6. They can help you get where you need to go

If you drive a car, and it fails to start, your neighbor could offer you a ride to get where you need to go. Even if you use public transportation, your neighbor might still offer to drive you. If they notice you’re heading out at the same time or in the same direction as they do, they might ask if you want a ride from them instead of taking the bus (or train). That way, you save money, avoid having to wait in the heat or cold (depending on the season), and now have a friend to talk to while you’re both on your way to work. It’s a win, win.

7. You’ll feel less lonely

Living in the city can be a lonely experience. And with social media and digital connectivity being at an all-time high, rates of loneliness have actually increased! It appears that we have become very detached from each other in real life. Getting to know your neighbor and fostering face-to-face connections can combat this. Not saying you need to be best friends, but even saying hello, and asking how they are doing, can help you feel more connected.


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