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Want to get in shape this new year? These are the best gyms health clubs in NYC

December 15, 2022 | By Roomrs


Every year, as part of our New Years' resolution, we vow to finally start our fitness journey. And every year, we spend the first week working out, and they were back to sitting on the couch, devouring a whole packet of chips.


Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. As many people begin to lack motivation or frankly, just don’t know where to start. Joining a gym makes it easier to stick to your goals. You have to option of working out solo, with a trainer, or joining group classes. Whatever your preferred method of breaking a sweat, the gym makes it easier to stay on track.


For those of us that are serious about getting in shape, here is a list of the best gyms & health clubs in NYC.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness aims to provide a welcoming environment for all individuals who plan on using their facility. Their motto is “the judgment-free zone”, as they want all patrons of their gym to feel safe and comfortable.


They have several different membership options no matter your budget. Their regular membership costs $10 a month. This includes access to equipment, free fitness training, and free wifi. Planet Fitness is open 24 hours a day, so you really have no excuse to miss your workout. Their black card membership is $22.99 a month. This membership option gives you everything you get with a regular PF membership, plus unlimited guest privileges, the use of their hydro massage machines, tanning beds, massage chairs, and total body enhancement sculptors. Also enjoy 50% off their drinks selection, as well as a 20% discount off Rebook products.


Although they have no group fitness classes, the convenience of 24-hour access, and the fact that they are located in all five boroughs, make this membership more than worth it!


Objectives at Crunch Fitness are positivity, inclusivity, and fun! They truly believe in the power of group fitness activities, in helping all their members motivate one another as a team.


Memberships include their “base” option at $19.99 a month, their “peak” option at $24.99 a month, and their “peak results” option at 34.99 a month. On the website, there is a breakdown of what perks come with each membership. The “peak” package gives you access to group fitness classes, live online workouts, etc. Whereas the “peak results” membership allows you to reserve classes online, comes with guest privileges, as well as access to the hydro massage machine and tanning beds. These prices are for non-signature clubs.


Signature clubs start at a discounted payment of $93 (previously $124) for one crunch location, and $111.75 (previously $149) for all crunch locations. Membership includes group fitness classes, full-service locker rooms, steam room, sauna, free wifi, live online workouts, and more.




Equinox is thought to be the gold standard when it comes to gym memberships. They have state-of-the-art equipment, the best facilities, and unlimited classes; including cycling, boxing, HIIT, bodybuilding, pilates, yoga, dance, as well as personal training sessions. They even have spa service amenities.


Equinox has locations all over Manhattan, and in some parts of Brooklyn; like DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, and Williamsburg.


Membership costs vary depending on location. But for reference, some Equinox gyms start at $185 monthly.


Blink offers an affordable membership, as well as tons of equipment for optimizing your workout, personal training programs, and sessions, and even a free 30-minute start-up session!


Their green membership has a price tag of $26 a month and includes admission to all of their locations (they have more than 20 locations all across Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn), as well as unlimited guest privileges, and locker room access.


On the other hand, their gray membership will cost you $15 a month. The differences are that the gray membership only gives you access to one Blink location, does not include unlimited guest privileges, nor access to their locker rooms. No matter which membership you chose, one on one personal training, and the free 30 minutes start-up session is guaranteed.



New York Sports Club

Currently, New York Sports Club has 36 locations, 202 instructors, and 56 different kinds of classes. What started as an opportunity to introduce squash to the New York masses, evolved into something much more. New York Sports Club considers fitness a lifestyle, hoping to bring the best out of its members before, during, and after their workouts; while still maintaining a personable, community, feel.


Membership options vary slightly depending on location. Visit their website to find a club near you. For my zip code, membership options include the following; neighborhood access for $34.99 a month (including access to one location but still maintaining all benefits), regional passport for $64.99 a month (entree to all regional clubs), and lastly passport access for $99.99 (which guarantees unlimited access to all sports clubs). They offer classes such as athletic conditioning, boxing, Bootcamp, cardio kickboxing, yoga, and more!

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