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Easy ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine

December 14, 2022 | By Roomrs


When living and working in NYC, only one word comes to mind, stress. New York is a wonderful city, but the constant demands of work, school, relationships, bills, all while trying to maintain some form of social life, can often feel like too much. If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed, you may want to consider incorporating some form of self-care. Self-care may be intimidating for those who don’t know where to start, but making even the smallest changes to your everyday routine can cause big changes to your overall wellbeing.

Wake up earlier

I know, it feels like you don’t get enough sleep to begin with. But waking up even 20 minutes earlier than usual leaves you a little extra time to start your morning right. Maybe instead of rushing out the door, you have time to make a healthy breakfast. You might enjoy spending your mornings practicing prayer, meditation, or gratitude. The time is yours to do as you please, but it helps to eliminate the usual frantic nature of your mornings.

Drink water

Staying hydrated is crucial to our health. Not drinking enough water throughout the day can leave you fuzzy, and unable to focus. There are varying data about how much water an adult should consume daily, but the average is around 2-4 liters (depending on gender, weight, height, etc). Invest in a refillable water bottle, as it’s easier to stay hydrated if water is easily accessible to you.

Clean your space

There is nothing that creates a more hectic state of mind than a disorganized space. We’ve all had those moments of not knowing what to wear, tearing apart our closet, only to look around and realize our room is in complete disarray. Those moments happen, but make sure you clean and reorganize consistently. A clear space equals a clear mind, so if you’re reading this and notice your room might need some serious TLC, start there.




Yes, exercise may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Don’t force yourself into long, repetitive, workouts. Taking even 30 minutes out of your day to break a sweat, in a way you enjoy, is a great way to practice self-care. Try taking a walk, dancing, playing tennis (or any other sport), or doing yoga. Your preferred method of working out is enough to get you started. Take it one day at a time, and see how much better you feel in as little as a week.


Reading is an excellent way to keep your mind active. Just like exercise, reading can be individual to you. Explore genres that bring you the most joy, be that action, mystery, humor, fantasy, spirituality, history, memoirs, poetry, autobiographies, etc. The possibilities are in fact endless! Instead of switching on the TV before bed, try turning to your favorite book.

Make small changes to your diet

Many avoid eating healthy because they think it's expensive, tastes bland, and prepping food is time-consuming. Who wants to bring a salad to work when you can order out from your favorite fast food place? Well, I’m here to dispel all those rumors. Not only does making healthy food at home taste delicious, but it also saves you money in the long run! Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to change everything at once, start with small changes. Maybe opt for the dairy-free milk option in your morning coffee, have a salad on the side instead of fries, try a new recipe once a week, only order out on the weekends, etc. Starting small makes it easier to incorporate long-term lifestyle changes, instead of yo-yo dieting (that by the way, NEVER works).




Stick to a bedtime/ unwind before bed

Sticking to bedtime makes it easier for your body to wind down. If you go to sleep at a different time every night (I’m talking 10pm one night and 2am another), it makes it harder for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Incorporating a bedtime introduces routine, and your body appreciates routine. More so, find ways to wind down before bed. This helps promote a sense of relaxation and prepares your body for sleep. You could try doing a face mask, reading a book, listening to a podcast, putting on relaxing music, watching a movie, etc.

Call a loved one

Life can get busy, and due to this, our relationship can sometimes suffer. Calling a loved one, or family member that you are close to can help elevate your mood. Do this on your way to or from work, or just when you have some extra time to spare. That way, you don’t feel as though you are sacrificing anything by giving them a call. This is especially important for those individuals who don’t live near any family or have moved away. If you’re feeling a little homesick, try giving your parents, grandparents, siblings, or even best friends a call.


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