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9 affordable furniture brands that won’t break the bank

December 16, 2022 | By Roomrs


So you’ve finally found the perfect apartment and signed your lease, now what? If you’re new to the city, chances are you’ll be moving into a near empty apartment. Furnishing your new space can be overwhelming, not to mention, PRICEY! And while we’d all love to live out our fantasy of being interior decorators, HGTV doesn’t paint the most realistic picture. With that being said, there are still ways to source out cheap, quality, furniture on a budget.


Below are some great options for affordable furniture brands to help upgrade your space.


How could you compile a list of affordable furniture brands without including IKEA? The Swedish brand boasts modern, good looking pieces, at an even better price. You have the option of visiting one of their many warehouses to pick up your furniture in person, or shop online and have it delivered. Either way, there’s a huge selection to choose from. However, almost all of their pieces require assembly. Depending on your skillset with putting furniture together, you might consider hiring a handy man to do all the leg work. But with all the money you’ll save shopping here, furniture and assembly costs should still remain within your budget.


Another contender ranking high on the list, is Wayfair. It’s almost guaranteed that whatever you’re looking for, they’ll have it. On top of competitive pricing, try shopping their sales section for even better deals. Most wayfair furniture also requires assembly, but they conveniently offer expert assembly for an added fee during checkout. You can also opt for purchasing their protection plan which includes accident and malfunction coverage, fast repairs, replacements for parts with free shipping, and 24/7 customer support.


If you’re not already aware by now, Amazon is pretty much a one-stop shop for everything you may possibly need. You can buy anything from clothing to electronics, household items, food, etc.; and furniture is no exception. The most notably convenient thing about Amazon being the extraordinarily fast shipping times. I can’t think of any other online shopping platform where you can check out today, and get your items delivered to you by tomorrow. Type your desired item into the search bar, and the system will generate loads of results that you can look through. You also have the option of choosing your preferred brand, price range, and even customer reviewed ratings (only 4 stars and up please), in an effort to narrow your search and find exactly what you’re looking for.



Facebook Marketplace

Buying second hand furniture is a excellent way to save money and lessen your environmental footprint. Facebook Marketplace is another great money for value option. Type what you’re looking for into the search bar, to see all available second hand furniture for sale. Incredibly, some items are even free! All you have to do is arrange for it to be picked up. What does have a price tag is incredibly discounted, allowing you go get those key pieces for your new apartment without emptying your bank account.

Offer Up

Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up is another site for obtaining second hand furniture. There is also a downloadable app for the convince of being able to browse on your mobile device. Offer up lists anything from shoes to used car parts, so narrow down your search by looking up the item you need in the search bar. Depending on the seller, the items can get shipped to you, or you can arrange to pick them up.


Another great option if you value sustainability, while aiming to keep costs low, is Feather. You can choose to buy or rent, with items starting as low as $4 a month. If you rented a piece originally and fall in love with it, don’t fret! Feather gives you the opportunity to buy at any time, and counts every dollar spent towards the overall cost of the item. Feather also handles everything you rather not, with their team offering delivery, assembly and pick-up. With over 520 five star reviews, check out Feather for all your furniture needs.


You may not initially equate target with furniture, but similar to Amazon, they really do sell everything. For larger furniture needs like bed frames, dressers, or sofas, it’s recommended you look through their online selection. The store does carry some pieces, but you’ll likely find a much larger selection online. Shop their home clearance section for even bigger deals!




The one downside to this brand is they don’t offer products online, but with over 500 locations cross-country, you’re bound to find at least one near you. Check out their instagram for inspo before heading to the store. They have a variety of furniture, as well as cooking products, linens and other home accessories. Pro tip, if you find an item in store that’s slightly damaged, don’t hesitate to mention it to someone working on the floor and see if you can negotiate a discount. Often times, you can snag the item for 5-10% off the original price.


Yes, Etsy sells furniture. This is a great platform to acquire original, vintage and antique pieces. If generic brands like Ikea, Amazon and Wayfair aren’t cutting it for you, Etsy might be a good place to start. Searching “furniture” alone yields over 670,000 results, and you can sort the price by lowest to highest. You can verify your purchase beforehand by viewing the stores customer reviews, which usually includes pictures of the item. Shipping times vary depending on the seller.

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