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5 things every pet owner must know before moving with animals in NYC

December 16, 2022 | By Roomrs


Moving to NYC can be a very intense experience, adding a pet to the equation might make it even harder. Moving with pets doesn't have to be a difficult thing if you just follow a few basic principles. Here, we will try and cover the most important things so your move will be a breeze.

1. Preparation is key

Right before the move make sure you have everything in check. get the most up-to-date vaccination records and every document regarding your pet. Remember to also buy a pet training pad, in case of an accident or an uncontrollable act. 


You will also need to think about the move itself: portable water, food, treats, and something with a familiar smell might change the experience completely. Having everything your pet loves within reach is crucial to keep them calm while moving in NYC.


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2. Breath

As you might know, most pets know when you feel down, they get by you or cuddle until they sense you feel better. Staying calm is important not only for you but also for your pet, if your pet senses you are stressed they will also get stressed, which makes the move harder than it should.


By the way, we already revealed the secret of staying calm while moving.


Hint: Preparation is key :)


Make sure everything’s ready for the move before the day comes, don’t worry there will be some unexpected things. Embrace them and know that they are coming, so you can prepare the best way possible to be surprised. 

3. Speed dial

Keeping a vet's number on speed dial, as well as a person your pet knows and trusts might be the most useful thing we can suggest. If you feel the move is too much or you realize your beloved pet is in distress, a quick call to someone with experience (professional or not) will change any event and prevent it from escalating.


If you feel insecure about moving alone to NYC with a pet, you might want to call a close friend that your pet knows, and ask them to come along. Let others assist you, it might come as a surprise to you, but you don’t have to do it all alone. It might cost a bit but even a known vet to ride along might help sweeten the move.


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4. The essentials

Besides treats and water, having a waste bag and a leash in a reach of hand can make the experience smoother, and without unnecessary surprises. As we already covered, unexpected things will happen. Getting ahead of any incident and getting these few little things, will definitely make your life easier when you move.

Essentials need to be taken care of as well like making sure you use the toilet before starting and something to eat and drink so unnecessary stops can be avoided. Don’t forget to check the gas and oil if you move by car.


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5. Can my pet come?

No matter if you move to NYC by car, train, or plane make sure it’s suitable and well prepared to receive pets. Just think about the moment everything is ready and set, and suddenly you can’t bring your cat, dog or snake on the plane. Ask the company in advance and make sure they know you're coming. 


If you move on the same day this might not be for you, but if you need to stay in a hotel or a guest house, call them and make sure they will take you in with the pet. Some places hold a very strict policy when it comes to pets so finding out whether or not your beloved pet can join you is crucial.


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