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4 reasons why Co-Living is environmentally friendly

December 16, 2022 | By Roomrs


New York’s latest housing model, co-living, is shattering records in every dimension. From affordable to accessible, co-living is not-so-surprisingly sustainable.


Offering flexible leases in the most attractive neighborhoods, co-living is the best approach for newcomers seeking to make the empire state their home. 


Co-living is driven by collaboration, from roommates celebrating the small wins, to diverse communities sharing their collective experiences, newcomers and seasoned New Yorkers are discovering the city of a thousand dreams while cutting down on carbon emissions, creating a greener environment for New York City. 


Roomrs, your personal NYC guide, invites you to discover four ways co-living is uber sustainable. 


1. Mindfully sustainable interior design

Apartments under co-living companies are missing just two items; you and your suitcase.


Fully furnished and artfully decorated, co-living apartments remove huge moving costs and stresses of settling in. 


Many co-living companies like Roomrs work with local and national partners that create stunningly lasting pieces of furniture that minimize waste and emissions; oftentimes the same wardrobe looks just as good five years later.


Avoiding moving costs and putting strain on land-strapped cities, co-living apartments enable newcomers to NYC to move apartments with a few simple clicks; when it’s time to say goodbye to the bustling traffic of Manhattan, your new apartment will have the same necessities waiting for you just past the door.


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2. Fully loaded with green tech

Everyone has had those moments where they’re halfway to work only to realize they’ve left the water boiler on. 


Not only frustrating and expensive, utility bills such as gas and electricity are enormous contributors to why 75% of the global energy consumption comes from cities alone. 


Equipped with most co-living apartments is smart tech; internet of things, smart speakers, and gadgets that allow you to lower the temperature, boil water for the shower, turn off the lights, and hundreds of other green features, all controllable from your phone that reduce utility bills and energy consumption. 


Enjoy a nice and toasty apartment when arriving home during a cold December? New York’s winter can be a tough adjustment for adventurers from the west coast or tropical regions; heating the apartment is as simple as a few taps from your phone on the NYC transit. 

3. Lesser is greener

Co-living apartments come as they are; fully furnished and stocked with the essentials like toilet paper and WiFi. We encourage newcomers to spend their first week in the apartment before planning a trip to IKEA- nine times out of ten they’ll forget why they needed a trip in the first place. 


Often adopting minimalist aesthetics, co-living is the incarnation of ‘less is more.’ With storage spaces available beneath beds and in closets, buying hefty plastic boxes and other wasteful materials is extraneous.  


On larger scales, co-living houses multiple people under the same roof, all sharing energy and resources more effectively.


Mega-cities suffer from resource inefficiency; the inability to absorb, house, and divert resources to the millions of people within its limits. Co-living in cities such as New York reduces the city’s footprint and shares resources more effectively, from small scale apartments to entire city blocks.


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4. Roommate & community-driven economies

Community-driven events and roommate accessibility are both leading benefactors of why so many New York apartment blogs and city guides rave about co-living. 


Especially beneficial to newcomers, many co-living companies organize community events like outings, hangouts, or networking opportunities. As sharing forms a pillar of co-living, these events encourage lending out belongings and item-swaps (not to mention great opportunities for making friends). 


Looking to make your own pesto-blend and debating getting a food processor, but not sure if you’ll end up using it often? Chances are there’s a member at the event enthusiastic about your endeavor and willing to lend you their own appliance to try out. Small swaps like this happen by the dozen at each event, and they all help cut down on unnecessary wastes. 


You’ll likely find another co-living member who has a similar commute to work that lives down the street; carpooling together cuts down on traffic and fossil fuel, saving thousands of gallons of gas in one year alone.


On an even smaller scale, sharing energy consuming appliances such as the refrigerator and water boiler with roommates cuts down on expenses and consumption, eliminating the need for personal appliances when everything is shared in co-living. 

Sustainable & convenient living with Roomrs

Providing flexible lease terms and stylish furnishings, Roomrs’ mission is to make every newcomer to NYC as comfortable as possible from day one, while maintaining a standard for sustainability that rivals traditional leases. 


All of our apartments are located in the most appealing neighborhoods of NYC, spanning from the work-hard-play-hard of Manhattan to the quiet, suburban lifestyle of Brooklyn; we’re sure to offer you an apartment that you’ll love. 


Environmentally friendly and beneficial to mental health, co-living with Roomrs makes your dreams of starting your adventure in New York City a breeze. 


find out more about the benefits of co-living!

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