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The Benefits of Choosing a Furnished Room in NYC

May 2, 2024 | By Roomrs



Moving to NYC is an exciting adventure, and in many cases, it comes with a significant lifestyle change. This city is truly unlike any other, with its unique walkable neighborhoods, fast-paced late-night atmosphere, and limitless opportunities for career advancement. 


While New York City is known as one of the world’s most happening cities, it’s also known as one of the most expensive. This is why many individuals moving to New York opt for a room share over a full apartment for themselves.


Room shares can come either furnished or unfurnished, depending on the preference of the owner and the price of the room. While an unfurnished apartment means endless possibilities in terms of styling and design, there are many distinctive benefits of choosing a furnished option instead, especially if you’re breaking from the yearlong lease mold. 

What Are the Benefits of Furnished Apartments?

First of all, what is a furnished apartment? Essentially, it’s an entire apartment or a room with furniture and necessary appliances already present and available for you to use during the term of your rental. The furnishings can vary from bare-bones decor and kitchen appliances to a fully decorated apartment with all kinds of bells and whistles. 


For example, some rentals might come partially furnished. This usually means that large furniture items and appliances are in place, but smaller things like cookware and linens must be provided by the renter. In contrast, some fully furnished rentals may include small appliances like toasters and even cutlery.


Different landlords define “furnished” in different ways, so it’s important to ask plenty of questions before signing an agreement. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of furnished apartments and why this living situation might be best for you in NYC. 


Move In Right Away

One of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of moving is hiring movers to transport your belongings from point A to point B (and doing it yourself is even worse). 


When you rent a furnished apartment, you won’t have to move furniture and heavy gear, which means the move-in process is much quicker and easier. In fact, most furnished apartments function on a turnkey basis and can be accessed within days of signing your agreement. 


No Need to Buy Home Goods

Furnishing your home with your own items can get expensive. From small kitchen and bathroom appliances to large furniture pieces like beds and sofas, purchasing everything yourself could easily tally into the thousands of dollars. 


If you plan on staying in one place for many years, investing in furniture and appliances that you love can be well worth it. However, if you’re moving from place to place on leases that are one year or shorter — or if you’re just not sure what the future will bring — you might as well save the money you would have spent on furnishings.


Styled by a Pro

As a busy professional, learning how to style a chic apartment may be outside your list of priorities. 


Fortunately, many furnished apartments are arranged by professional interior designers who know how to make a space feel welcoming and create a seamless flow from room to room. While this isn’t always the case, it’s one of the most underrated pros of furnished apartments.


Utilities Included

In most NYC furnished room rentals, utility costs are included in your overall payment. This includes basics like water and power and extras that are more like necessities, such as internet and cable. 


Constantly canceling these services and signing up again whenever you move to a new place can be stressful and expensive, especially since many internet and cable companies charge cancellation fees. The included perks might be worth the slightly higher cost of a furnished apartment. 




Regular Maintenance and Updates

If an apartment is furnished, it usually means that the owner is playing a hands-on role in the rental and taking good care of the property. The majority of furnished apartments include maintenance and upkeep costs in their rental fees. 


Just make sure to read the fine print and communicate with your landlord, as some maintenance and fixes may be your responsibility, depending on the cause. 


Practical for Digital Nomads

Living and working as a digital nomad is more common than ever. This lifestyle involves working remotely and moving around frequently, using a flexible work schedule to travel the world and explore new places.


Most digital nomads will live in the same city for just a few months. For these modern globetrotters, furnished apartments are far more practical, as digital nomads don’t usually own a bed, let alone an apartment’s worth of items. 


Also, a short-term room rental will likely cost much less overall than a long-term apartment rental or hotel stay, especially in New York City. 

Are There Drawbacks of Furnished Apartments? 

You’ve seen the pros, but what are the cons of renting a furnished apartment? There are some situations in which this choice might not be the best one.


A furnished apartment may not match your personal style, and you likely won’t be allowed to replace certain items during your rental. And since the furnishings belong to the owner, you may be held responsible for keeping those items cared for and in good working order. For example, you could be liable for replacing a sofa if it gets ripped during your stay. 

Furnished vs. Unfurnished: Which One Should I Choose?

The choice between furnished and unfurnished apartments depends on your rental needs and personal preferences. If you’re staying in a new place for no longer than a few months, a furnished space is probably the most convenient and cost-effective option. 

Find Furnished Apartments All Over NYC With Roomrs

Are you wondering where to find furnished apartments in New York City? At Roomrs, we’ve got you covered with incredible short- and long-term stays throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, outfitted to fit your needs and budget. Browse our rentals today to find the perfect furnished apartment for you in NYC. 

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