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4 mental health benefits of Coliving

December 16, 2022 | By Roomrs


It’s no secret; picking up and moving to a new city, even one as glamorous as NYC, can be a stressful experience. 


Today, one in five adults struggle with mental health issues; the added strain of finding affordable living spaces with compatible roommates in the big city can be draining when going in unfamiliar. 


So, how does one navigate the beginning of their New York journey while keeping a level head? 


Thousands of newcomers to NYC are embracing co-living, an affordable and accessible solution to finding housing at the outset of their latest adventure. 


Offering flexible leasing terms and close to no moving costs, co-living relieves the biggest burdens of new arrivals. Let’s dive into four of the biggest ways co-living helps ease the mental tension that may come with moving to one of the world’s biggest hot spots: New York City.


1.Minimizing financial stress

Searching for an apartment in New York City is akin to finding a needle in a haystack; prices for a studio apartment start above $1,800 in most neighborhoods, come completely unfurnished and arrive with a host of responsibilities. 


According to the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, over 86% of individuals struggling with declining mental health attribute their personal finances as a source of mental health problems. 


New York can be expensive, but the planets don’t need to align to find the perfect, in-budget place. Co-living is a housing model that offers apartments and condos in the city's most appealing neighborhoods at affordable prices. 


Instead of leasing out entire apartments, companies like Roomrs lease individual rooms at a single price that includes utilities, WiFi, cleaning, and all the essentials, like toilet paper. 


Worried about furnishing your apartment? All rooms in co-living spaces come completely furnished at no additional cost, answering the most important question: yes, you get to sleep in a bed on your first day. 


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2. Surrounding yourself with positive energy

Surrounding yourself with mutually-respecting roommates can make-or-break your New York experience. Roommates don’t need to be your best friends, but finding compatible ones with similar values and lifestyles create an enjoyable environment to come home to. 


Co-living companies screen and survey prospective roommates and strive to match newcomers with those of similar values, creating a sociable atmosphere and ensuring an interactively comfortable living situation. 


Living under the same roof can make roomies more sensitive to your moods and frame of mind; sometimes all it takes is someone to invite you out when you’re feeling down.


Co-living also invites a sense of comradery amongst roommates; public spaces such as the kitchen and even the laundry room encourage activities such as making dinner together, helping each other stay productive, and inviting friends over. 


3. Creating a mutually beneficial environment

Getting matched with roommates with similar occupations helps create an environment that's beneficial to everyone. 


Living with students? Everyone relates to the stress of finals and understands bringing the library home when it’s time to study, or putting the books away when it’s time for a break. 


Living with young professionals? Chances are your roomies want some peace and quiet after a workday. 


Having everyone aligned with the apartment’s environment is one of the biggest benefits of having roommates. Check in with everyone, communicate, and let the good times roll. 


4. Meeting new people comes naturally

Isolation and loneliness are some of the largest issues that slip under our own radars; a large percentage of people struggling with mental health disorders are unaware of why they’re experiencing such feelings.


With roommates who fit our lifestyles, meeting new people in similar age groups and occupations tends to happen with far less effort.


Due to our exposure to the lifestyles of our roommates, meeting their friends, coworkers and classmates is a never-ending revolving door that keeps life interesting. Even more so, having compatible roommates makes it easier to trust their judgement when it comes to meeting people in their personal lives.


Living a fast-paced lifestyle in the city that never sleeps can, at times, cause us to feel overwhelmed with personal, academic and professional obligations; having the ability to constantly and effortlessly meet new people keeps our social lives refreshing, as we try new activities with new people.



Your Home Environment Is Essential

We all experience burnout and need a change of space. If your current apartment situation isn’t working out, then it’s time to say goodbye and move on. 


New York City is an everlasting revolving door; don’t stress about the search months in advance, your next home will open up just days before move-in.


Finding a new apartment with co-living is extremely simple. Most co-living apartments have significantly flexible lease terms, starting from a single month to an entire year. With Roomrs, all co-living apartments come with the same deal; minimal moving costs and zero hassle.


Didn’t like the noise and rush of downtown Manhattan? Try out a quieter neighborhood such as Bushwick or Williamsburg. Want to be in the center of the action? Check out Midtown East or Lower Manhattan. 


When it’s time to say au revoir, just pack up your suitcase and call a cab to your new home. 


Curious about co-living in New York with Roomrs? Find out more about Co-Living!

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