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Secret bars in NYC you must visit now

December 14, 2022 | By Roomrs


NYC is home to many secrets, underground bars, that if you’re not in the know, well, you just miss out. However, I’m here to blow the whistle on a few you may recognize, and others you’ve never heard before.

Below is a list of both secret and underground bars, that are highly recommended for your next night out!

Little Branch

First on the list, is Little Branch. Located in the West Village, this bar/speakeasy is indeed underground. It’s suggested that you get there early, as their policy is first come first serve. Try your next date night here, as limited entry makes for a more intimate evening. Order up some old fashion cocktails, while listening to the smooth sounds of jazz.


Although not underground, it does have quite a secretive entrance, hidden behind an unmarked door. One yelp reviewer called this place a “hidden gem”, urging customers who visit to order the paid vacation. The place can get pretty loud once full, but the bartenders in lab coats, paired with the cocktail selection, make it worthwhile.

Beauty & Essex

One of the more popular options is Beauty & Essex, which is further confirmed by their 49.6K Instagram followers. Upon entering, you have to walk through what appears to be a modern-day pawn shop. But behind the secret doors, lies Beauty & Essex’s two bars, four dining rooms, a women’s bathroom (that features a salon), a circular staircase, and a two-story chandelier. For foods and drinks, expect small plates and signature cocktails.

Shalel Lounge

If you’re looking for a cozy, intimate, lounge, look no further. This place boasts candlelight and a waterfall, with a super romantic vibe. They have a pretty extensive menu, with items like pizza and flatbread, salads, pasta, and even a taco bar! There are also dessert options as well.



Raines Law Room

Raines Law Room has two locations, one in Chelsea, and the other in Midtown East. The entrance is semi-secret, as you have to ring a doorbell to gain entry. The cocktails are prohibition-style, and the lounge area features plush furnishings. But it doesn’t end there, they also have private events, in-person cocktail classes, online cocktail classes, as well as other virtual events.

Patent Pending

Many have called this the best speakeasy in New York. In regards to cocktails, they’re big on flavor, so you’ll definitely find something you enjoy. They can also make you a custom drink if you prefer. To get to Patent Pending, you have to go through Patent Coffee (a regular coffee shop by day, and bar at night). It's a dimly lit bar that boasts modern furniture and has an electric feel.


One of the most notable things about this trendy Brooklyn bar is its neon sign that reads “no photos, no fighting”. The decor also features Gucci wallpaper, peach blossoms that hang from the ceiling, and leather booths. You wouldn’t be able to find this place unless you really knew what you were looking for, as it is discreetly tucked away under a fancy Chinese restaurant.

Sake Bar Decibel

Sake Bar Decibel has a grungy, underground bar feel, with graffiti scribbled all over the wall. This is bar is located in the East Village and is awesome for first dates, a girl's night, or just a Friday night group hangout. They have proclaimed themselves as being New York’s first sake bar, and have been open for over 25 years! Their drink list includes over 60 types of sake that have been exported from Japan. If you’re on the hunt forsake in New York, visit Sake Bar Decibel.



The Campbell Bar

This is one of the more expensive bars on the list, with 4 dollar signs on google, expect to pay premium prices if you go here. With that being said, the atmosphere and decor scream luxury. The Campbell is located in Grand Central at 15 Vanderbilt Avenue and has both modern and classic cocktails, all made with the freshest ingredients. If you don’t feel like a cocktail, you also have the option of sipping on the locally brewed beer, or a selection of wines. Food is also available; choose between their lunch specials, small plates, soups, salads, and sandwiches.

The Honey Well

If you’re in Uptown, visit The Honey Well located in West Harlem. Looking for Instagram-worthy cocktails that come at a decent price? You’ve found the right place. Hang out at their chill basement bar for a more cozy setting, or opt for their backyard garden in the summer months (click here for a list of rooftop and outdoor bars open all year round). Although they do reserve tables for walk-ins, it's preferred that you make a reservation as there might be a wait time. If you don’t want to wait, head over to their sister bars “Harlem Public” or “At the Wallace” to grab a drink.


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