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How covid restrictions and mandates have affected New Yorkers

December 15, 2022 | By Roomrs


For many of us, it seems that the height of the pandemic, that included both binge watching and binge eating, is for the most part, over. We are no longer restricted to our homes, and businesses are beginning to open up at full capacity.


So that begs the questions, are New York City covid restrictions still in place?


While it feels like life may be “getting back to normal”, there are still a few ways we are reminded that Covid-19 is far from a thing of the past.


In August 2021, it was announced that New York State would be enacting a new initiative, that required all residents of New York who wish to dine indoors, workout at the gym, and attend indoor theatre or concerts, be vaccinated.


The city began enforcing this new protocol in September of 2021, and people were being asked for proof of vaccination in order to enter these establishments. Proof of vaccination came in the form of a CDC vaccination card, a digital copy (linked to the online database), or a photo of the card. This was referenced with an ID (drivers license, state ID card, or passport), to ensure the identity of the vaccinated person matched the name on their ID.


Those who were not fully vaccinated but received their first dose, were still eligible.


The vaccination requirement also applies to many attending school and work. Although not all establishments have made it mandatory, many individuals were faced with the choice of getting vaccinated, or working elsewhere. Individuals who attended school on campus were compelled to enroll in classes that were fully online




While people who have been vaccinated received a recommendation of not having to wear masks outdoors, unvaccinated residents have been asked to wear masks at all times.


Here is a breakdown of when masks are required based on your vaccination status:


  • Whenever you are in a public space (indoors or outdoors) Examples include walking on the street, shopping, dining, attending your place of worship, school, work, attending a gathering etc
  • Riding public transportation (train, buses, or car services)
  • When you are in the presence of a sick person


Fully Vaccinated (you are only considered fully vaccinated once you have surpassed the two week mark since receiving a single-dose vaccine, or the second dose of a two-dose vaccine):


  • Riding public transportation (train, buses, or car services)
  • Healthcare setting
  • School setting
  • At a group facility (nursing home, homeless shelter etc)
  • At a store or restaurant where the owner requires masks to be worn
  • While you are at work (if your employer requires you wear a mask)


Real Estate


In 2020, residents were fleeing the city to pursue life in the Suburbs; causing a huge percentage decline in the number of apartments being sold and rented. This created a huge demand for apartments to be rented, making it essentially a buyers (or renters) market.


However, recent activity on the real estate front has proven that New York is back! Based on recently collected data, New York homes are selling at all time highs! Average sale prices rose by a whopping 12%, as a result of what can only be described as a buying frenzy.

Covid restrictions resulted in apartments not being shown by relators for much of the pandemic. As restrictions began to ease, there was an incredible 150% gain from last years numbers.



Bars and Restaurants

Bars and Restaurants were among those businesses that were severely affected by the pandemic. Many of them had to close down indefinitely, and those that managed to survive, were restricted to taking delivery orders only.


More than 1,000 restaurants have closed since the cities shutdown in 2019.


New York has always been able to offer a wide selection of diverse cuisines, to visitors and locals alike. The city is often referred as the restaurant capital of the world, but the pandemic put this once booming capital, at serious risk. With less visitors, and the temporary end to indoor dining, restaurants and small family owned businesses were finding it hard to survive.


In late 2021, with the introduction of the “Key to NYC Pass”, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Restaurants that were able to survive the pandemic, have re-opened to their guests, allowing dining to take place both indoors and outdoors.


Upon proof of vaccination, you will be given the option of either indoor or outdoor seating. Unfortunately, those who have not gotten vaccinated, will not be able to eat indoors. If the restaurant has an outdoor space, unvaccinated individuals are still able to dine. However, some restaurants are limited to only indoor seating. In cases like these, unvaccinated individuals will not be able to enter this establishment. They will have to either order their food to go, or eat at another restaurant.

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