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Find out why more young professionals are moving to Harlem

December 14, 2022 | By Roomrs


Harlem is a neighborhood located in Upper Manhattan and is considered to be the best of both worlds. You can find more quiet residential areas, and still explore the many restaurants, live music, and cultural events that happen throughout the year. Those living in Harlem, appreciate the rich sense of culture and history offered here.


More specifically, young professionals. Harlem is a vibrant community with a booming social scene. Young professionals can enjoy reasonable rental prices, easy commutes, as well as shopping, food, and music, all available right in their backyard.

Cost of living

When it comes to the cost of living, Harlem is considered one of the most adorable neighborhoods in NYC. Harlem is broken up into West Harlem, East Harlem, and Central Harlem, so prices vary depending on the area.


The average price of a studio apartment in Central Harlem is $1700, one-bedrooms go for $2150, two-bedroom cost around $2559, three bedrooms average $2900, and 4 bedrooms are $3000. Prices differ by a couple hundred dollars for both West and East Harlem apartments.


As in any other NYC neighborhood, apartments with more bedrooms end up being cheaper per person. Young professionals often opt for shared living to keep the price of rent down. Additionally, there are other benefits to having roommates; like splitting the price of utilities, being able to afford a larger apartment, and having someone to water your plants and collect your mail when you’re gone.




Transportation options in Harlem are plenty. You can take either the bus, train, taxi or car services. To keep costs low, aim to take public transportation instead of ordering an Uber or Lyft. Most young professionals purchase a monthly metro card and use that to get around the city. New York City has one of the best public transportation systems in the United States, so it’s recommended that you take advantage of it.


Harlem is served by the following subway lines:


  • The 2 and 3 trains between Central Park North–110th Street and Harlem–148th Street


  • A,B,C and D trains between Cathedral Parkway–110th Street and 155th Street


  • B and D trains at 155th Street


Bus lines are plenty; map out your route to see all available bus services that can get you to your destination.


Furthermore, transportation options can get you from Harlem to midtown Manhattan in as little as 15 minutes. For young professionals who need to travel to mid and lower Manhattan for work, this is an added convenience. By living in Harlem, you get to pay uptown prices, and still have easy access to other parts of the city.


Though Harlem does possess a neighborhood feel, it’s far from boring. Not only are there restaurants with cuisine from cultures around the world, but you can also always find a live music spot, as well as busy bars. This is great for young professionals to network, relax, or grab a drink on the weekend with some friends.


Popular restaurants include Sylvia’s Restaurant, which is widely known for having some of the best soul food around. Red Rooster is another well-known place to eat; with upscale comfort food, an array of drinks, as well as outdoor and indoor seating for both the summer and winter months. Head over to Corner Social for brunch, or the trendy Harlem Hookah.


Forget going downtown to get your shopping done, pretty much anything you need, you can get in Harlem. There are boutiques, thrift stores, mainstream shops, and more! Head over to 125th Street to shop at stores like Jimmy Jazz, Whole Foods, Victorias Secret, Bed Bath and Beyond, DSW, CVS, etc.


You can also get your hair done at one of the many local braid shops, get a workout in at Planet Fitness, get your finances in order at either Chase Bank, Bank of America, or Capital One, change your phone plan at AT&T or T-Mobile, or stop at one of the many Bodegas (there is pretty much one on every corner).




As far as historical sites go, you can’t forget the world-famous Apollo Theatre. In 1913, it originally opened as a dance hall and evolved into an entertainment landmark. It was a notable venue for specifically African American performers and saw big names like Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, B.B King, Sammy David Jr., Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Patti LaBelle, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, just to name a few.


Other historical sites and attractions include the Studio Museum, Alexander Hamilton Grange National Memorial (located in St. Nicholas Park), Collyer Brother’s Brownstone (previous home of the Collyer brothers, Hummer Lusk Collyer and Langley Collyer), The National Jazz Museum, LaGree Baptist Church, the Renaissance Ballroom and Casino, and many more.

Perks of being a Harlem resident

Overall, Harlem is a wonderful place to live; down to its affordable housing options, many restaurants, tight-knit community, thriving music scene, and rich history and culture. Especially for people who enjoy diverse areas, with several different demographics of people living here. Harlem, like much of New York, is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities.


Discover all the benefits of living in Harlem by choosing Roomrs. Just narrow down your search in the neighborhoods tab, and explore all the spacious, trendy, co-living options.


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