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5 things to know before moving to NYC

December 16, 2022 | By Roomrs


Your heart’s made the decision before your mind; you will be the next rising star to take the stage in the world’s biggest theatre: New York City. 

Whether it’s an old friend or a new acquaintance that’s convinced you to join their New York journey, there’s some homework to do before taking your bite out of the Big Apple. 

All moves can be challenging; New York’s astounding depth and experiential diversity makes the smaller details important. From discovering a fantastic neighborhood to renting a shared sublet with roommates, there are many things to know before you’re ready to make the highest-quality decisions. 

In order to help provide a seamless transition, we at Roomrs have assembled five essential tips before moving to NYC. 

1. Your future neighborhood

New York City sprawls across 305 square miles with 59 distinct neighborhoods across five boroughs, each one having its own history, microculture, and personality.

From Bushwick’s famous street art, to Brooklyn’s expansive thousand-and-one attractions and Morningside Heights bustling student community, there’s a perfect niche for everyone that calls NYC their home.

Take your time researching which areas match your lifestyle best; there are hundreds of blogs dedicated to any given locale. Worried about finding an apartment in time? Don’t fret; the city is an ever-revolving door with guaranteed new openings daily. 

It’s not uncommon in “the city” - the way local New Yorkers refer to the Manhattan area -  to enter at a six month lease; many first-timers try out several different neighborhoods before settling down for longer leasings. 

Explore the streets and discover your local grocery stores and bars; anything you’ll need is just around the corner. You might fall in love with the 24-hour pizza store a minute away.



2. Knowing your financials & expenses

It’s no secret, New York is expensive.

If you’re starting out as a young professional, secure a job before moving in. In the city that never sleeps, even the neighborhood cat is on a budget. Getting a good understanding of your financials and overestimating your monthly expenses will help you cultivate and manage a workable budget.

Worried about furniture and moving fees? Many apartments and housing companies like Roomrs offer furnished, affordable co-living spaces, easing your first months on the grand stage. 

NYC is all about give-and-take; the price of drinks in a Manhattan bar may surprise you. Nevertheless, New York’s reputation for erupting with opportunity successfully lives up to the hype. With a uniquely fast-paced lifestyle and being the center of many booming industries,, NYCs’ newcomers tend to find steady employment from the jump.



3. Discovering the transportation system

A city with endless statistics, NYC finds its place amongst the world’s busiest public transportation systems. 

Newcomers quickly discover that the transport system is massive. Unlike Dallas, Miami, or Los Angeles, NYC’s subways connect the entire city and, once learned, is surprisingly easy to navigate. 

If you’re new to using public transport, you’ll likely use the metro more often than you think. Much of the underground subway doesn’t have cell reception; download the metro map and keep it handy in case your phone loses wifi. 

Thinking of bringing your car? Parking, traffic, and weather conditions are guaranteed to consume much of your time if you’re looking to live within Manhattan, and many locals prefer to solely depend on subways and Ubers, as they tend to be very reliable. If you plan to commute to Manhattan for work, it may be a more considerable idea, as many office spaces offer parking. 

4. Looking for a roommate in NYC

Whether you’re a young professional or a student seeking housing in NYC, there are hundreds of like-minded individuals looking to start their journey as well. 

Co-living in New York City is an affordable way to enjoy a one-of-a-kind journey, and sharing your space with the right people can determine the quality of your experience.

To avoid falling into unpleasant living situations, here are some tips to keep in mind when meeting with prospective roommates:


  • Asking questions about cleanliness standards, guests, and even how they plan to afford paying rent. These questions help attain a fix on their personality and daily habits.
  • Meeting at a bar and discovering their lifestyle and personality; if you’re looking into a specific neighborhood chances are you’ll find like-minded folk. 
  • Trust in your gut. Even if things seem fitting on paper but still leave you feeling unsure, there will always be someone else to fill the spot.


If you’re interested in reading up more on the topic, check out our blog post on finding a roommate in NYC here. 



5. How Roomrs helps you find your NYC home 

Despite any amount of research, newcomers always feel overwhelmed when arriving in The Empire State. 

From searching for affordable housing in NYC or finding compatible roommates, Roomrs offers an all-in-one package for living spaces all over the Big Apple. Helping our customers find roommates and setting them up in furnished apartments, we act as your personal guide to the world’s most exciting destination.

Dealing with the thousands of tasks of moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming; all of our apartments come with utilities, wi-fi, and house cleaning at one price at the end of the month!

Co-living in NYC can be both affordable and an amazing experience; a journey that compounds with new friendships sharing in the experience. Let us help you begin yours. 

Curious about beginning your New York journey? Learn more about co living apartments  in NYC!


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