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5 must-haves before moving to New York

December 16, 2022 | By Roomrs


It’s all too easy to get lost in the excitement of creating a moving list, especially for the world’s most exciting destination: New York City. 

However, it’s inevitable you’ll forget an item or two when powering through your list in the attempt to complete it in time. Between deciding on the clothes to bring, suitcase weight limits, and the overlooked essentials, where do we start when the packing begins? 

New York is a bustling, unique city that earns every nickname bestowed upon it; making the move as “perfect” as possible is rightfully overwhelming. Make the best of your transition to the Big Apple with our list of five absolute essentials for moving to New York.



1. A Weather-sensitive wardrobe

Though labeled as the ‘Concrete Jungle,’ New York City’s weather is anything but a year-round tropical experience. 

If you’re traveling from sunny states or the west coast, be prepared for a healthy amount of rainfall and cold winters. New York City gets an average of 119 rainy days a year, accompanied by 25 inches of snow during the winter. 


Prep with a respectable winter wardrobe - coats, beanies, scarves, and snow boots (trust us, January and February often dip below freezing). 


Invest in a rugged umbrella that's easy to carry; rain storms can come without a heads up. 


Your best friend? Layerable clothes like sweaters and hoodies. Outside weather transitions rapidly when arriving at work or indoor venues; removing outer layers with ease is a huge plus to your day-to-day routine.


A bonus tip: when buying a coat, make sure it’s waterproof. Many popular and trendy winter coats sold in prime New York locations, such as Macy’s on Herald Square (the world’s largest Macy’s store and their flagship destination), are, in fact, not waterproof!


Have fun with it; it’s easy to be fashionable on the world’s longest runway.




2. Transportation Necessities 

Nicknamed the Capital of the World by author E.B. White, NYC boasts the largest rapid transit system - the New York metro. 


The MTA subway system is a complex network that spans across the five boroughs with 472 stations to its name; it’s easy for newcomers to get lost in it. 


Be sure to get metro-assistant apps like Moovit, Citymapper, or Transit; they provide real-time info on the tram and route guidance. 


Need a New York life hack? Download an offline map of the metro as reception underground can be spotty at best. This way, if your network goes down, you can still track your upcoming stop and connections. 


The metro is the most reliable method of transport in NYC; you’ll be taking the subway more often than you think. Consider getting a monthly unlimited ride MetroCard for $127 once you’ve become familiar with your traveling tendencies. Furthermore, some employers cover traveling expenses in accordance with their standard employment contracts.

3. Essentials For Your Daily Routine

It’s been said all over the internet, but it can’t be said enough: make sure you own a good pair of walking shoes


As most New Yorkers don’t own a car, the majority walk several miles regularly throughout the week. The best bars and grocery stores are always around the corner from your current location, and your stop on the subway tends to be minutes away from your actual destination.


Become familiar with distances in NYC; everything is measured in streets (which go east-west), avenues (which go north-south), and in other words, blocks. Avenues are generally longer than streets, measuring 750 feet apart, while streets clock in at an average of 250 feet. 


New York can get toasty in the summer; pick up an insulated, reusable water bottle for your walks to keep your drink at hand and at its optimal temperature throughout the day. Ever wonder why New York bagels are unrivaled? It’s in the water. Tap water in NYC is famous for its clarity, purity, and availability. Not to mention, reusable water bottles are an excellent environmentally-conscious choice. 


Keep this tip in mind; New York walks with breathtaking Manhattan views are where most magic happens. 



4. Disconnect with outdoor gear

Maintaining a consistent schedule in the rat race is mentally exhausting and burns out even the most seasoned NYC natives; think about disconnecting and enjoying the beauty NYC has to offer. 


Get some outdoor gear for your detox excursions; NYC offers an astounding 1,700 outdoor parks and playgrounds, making it one of the largest ‘green space’ cities in the world. Central Park is one of the most iconic global destinations and houses year-round attractions such as ice skating rinks, talent shows and running tracks.


Yoga mats aren't just trendy, they’re excellent for outdoor exercise and relaxation. Workout apparel is considered appropriate attire in most locations and makes for great lounge wear during the off-days. 

5. A bag that’s got your back

Equally necessary for work and play, a rugged backpack or bag can make the biggest differences to your day. 


A well-stocked backpack enables you to beat the unpredictable in a New York minute. Asides from bringing a laptop or other work materials, keeping an umbrella and sweater handy is a game changer when the weather decides to turn. 


Or, when you’re on your way home and remember you’re out of milk and other home necessities, tucking them away as opposed to carrying a plastic bag can be a huge help when navigating home. 


Get yourself a sturdy, water-resistant backpack that keeps everything protected and handy. 

What about everything else? 

Thinking about where to find furniture, or home essentials like toiletries and groceries?


We at Roomrs specialize in co-living, a housing model that takes care of the ‘everything else’ when moving to New York, such as finding apartments in the best neighborhoods, matching compatible roommates, WiFi, and basic living necessities we use throughout the week.


Curious about how we set everything up for you before your move? Check out more details about Co-Living in New York!


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